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!! SirProject "Dottie" Desktop Software End Of Life !!

Our desktop state inspection record software aka Dottie is coming to its end of life date on June 30th 2020, after which we will no longer support it.

With the release of our online state inspection record software SIRPAWeb, and the accompanying switch of most of our customers to it, it has been decided that we can no longer support Dottie anymore.

One reason, as you may have already noticed, is the VIN decoding. The method we use is no longer going to be supported so after February 12th 2020 Dottie will not be able to decode VINs.

Note: When VINs stop decoding you will still be able to complete the record, you will just have to manually type in the yellow required fields that would have been populated by the VIN decoding.

To start your conversion to SIRPAWeb
please contact Shaun at our main office (724) 898-1199 ext.4


Most frequent questions and answers

Any point after clicking save and continue and before issuing the sticker for an inspection, a work order will show in the Pending menu.

This means that if you are logged out of the system, before issuing the sticker, you can go back into the work order that you started and continue where you left off.

If you start a new work order for the inspection instead of selecting the pending one the system can not tell that it is the same inspection.

Only a user that has been marked as a Service Manager for your station can void a sticker via Sticker Management in the Manager File.

SIRPAWeb was only designed for recording vehicle inspection records.

There currently is no integration or export support for external invoicing systems.

Since emissions stickers are managed in your emissions machine the only information required in for the inspection is the emissions sticker number that was issued with the inspection.

We have tried built in emissions sticker management before and have found that it causes more issues than it solves.

Typing in the emissions sticker number is the best method, we’ve tried, for handling what emissions sticker goes with a safety inspection.

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